Check out this post to know how to generate a static HTML knowledge base for your website that consists of step-by-step guides.

Let's consider we already put this knowledge base to our website, you can see it here:

Now we can turn this knowledge base into a context-sensitive help file using MajorMindHelp and "Generate MMH wrapper" feature of Helpinator.

MMH wrapper is generally a MajorMindHelp help file that has no content in it and instead references HTML pages that are stored on an external website.

Basically the process is similar to the same that allows to turn a Wordpress site into a context-sensitive help system for desktop applications described in this post:

Let's say the generated knowledge base is in "C:\Project\help\kb" folder. If so, this folder should contain "_meta.xml" file generated along with the knowledge base. If it is not you should check "Create _meta.xml file when possible" option in the project settings.

Now select Main Menu->Tools->Generate code->Generate MMH wrapper for output.

Generate MMH Wrapper for a Knowledge Base

Save to - this is the full name of the mmh help file we are going to generate.

Base URL - base url of the knowledge base published on your website.

Path to the folder with "_meta.xml" file - the path to the generated by Helpinator knowledge base.

Select languages you'd want to add to the MMH file in the "Languages" list.

Knowledge base has it's own very specific navigation, so we will not show any additional UI elements.

Now click "OK" and wait for the "Done!" message. Now you have a ".mmh" file that you can pass as a parameter to the MajorMindHelpViewer and open articles with specified context ids.

You can download and run this compiled demo to test it:

Note that you also need to download and install MajorMindHelpViewer: