None of us are perfect. And from time to time we write imperfect documentation. The documentation that is not bad in any sense but is just not 100% perfect. A perfectionist will go into all-out complete rewriting rage and will write something that is for 1% more perfect than it was. But a real writer will do the refactoring. Helpinator has some tools to help you with that.

1. Mighty TOC rearranger.

Helpinator allows to rearrange topics using drap-and-drop, but that is time-consuming. You can rearrange TOC like a plain text document using "Advanced rarrange" command.

Advanced rearrange

Advanced Rearrange Dialog

2. Merge topics.

"Merge topics" command allows to combine several topics into a new topic. The new topic will be appended to the end of TOC.

"Merge topics" command

Merge topics dialog

3. Refactoring->Extract topic / Extract subtopic

Topic editor has a pop-up menu that appears when you right-click in the editor area.

Both commands allow to create new topic from selection. The former appends new topic to the end of TOC, the latter create a new subtopic of the current topic.

Editor right-click menu

Add topic dialog

"Add topic" dialog appears, it allows to specify properties of the new topic that will be created from the selection.

4. Refactoring->Move selection to topic / Copy selection to topic

These two commands are in the same menu as pevious two. The only difference is that they do not create a new topic but instead allow to move/copy selection to existing topic. When you select this command, "Select topic" dialog appears that allows to choose topic to move/copy content to.

"Select topic" dialog

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