Publishing your end user documentation online has a number of advantages:

However when you develop a desktop app you have to either duplicate content in your context-sensitve help system or get rid of this system and just open your website when a user presses F1.

MajorMindHelp solves this problem. It allows to turn any HTML-based content published on your website into context-sensitive help, including content published to Wordpress.

Before proceeding please read this tutorial on how to publish your end user documentation to Wordpress:

Check to create "_meta.xml"

Check your project options and see whether the "Create "_meta.xml" file when possible" is checked. In this case when you publish your content to Wordpress Helpinator creates a system file that stores topic page URLs and context IDs.

Now publish to WordPress and then browse to your project folder, "wordpress" folder containing "_meta.xml" should appear there. We will need this file to generate MajorMindHelp file that "wraps" your Wordpress site. Then you will be able to MajorMindHelpViewer as a context-sensitive help system with topics from your Wordpress site.

In Helpinator select Main Menu->Tools->Generate Code->Generate MMH Wrapper for Output.

Generate MMH Wrapper

Save to - this is the file name to store your MajorMindHelp help file to.

Base URL - is the base URL of the documentation site. In our case it is "". But it could be anything like "", "", depends on where you store your documentation.

Path to the folder with "_meta.xml" file - is the path where your generated "_meta.xml" file resides. Our main project file is in "C:\Project\Help", so Helpinator generated xml file in the folder "wordpress" next to it ("Wordpress" in this case is the name of the ouput format).

When you choose the path to "_meta.xml" Helpinator shows the list of languages stored in it. You can select what languages to include into MajorMindHelp file.

Visible UI elements - you can hide some of UI elements of MajorMindHelp viewer if you do not need them. For example, you can hide "Contents" tab and use table of contents of your HTML pages. In case of Helpinator Wordpress themes you can use both modes - hide "Contents" or chose to hide navigation of WordPress theme. In this demo we choose to use the Viewer's table of contents and hide the wordpress theme navigation.

Append this text to the end of topic URLs: this field allows to specify custom text that will be added to each topic URL when requesting content from the website. In case of Helpinator WordPress themes there's a parameter named "nonav" that allows to hide theme navigation. And this is what we want to do becuase we prefer viewer's navigation in this demo. So we need to set nonav param to 1: "&nonav=1".

Now click "Generate" and wait for the confirmation.

Next step is to download and install MajorMindHelpViewer from our "Downloads" page:

The installer will create a file extension association for ".mmh". So you will be able to launch help files with double-click from Windows Explorer.

So browse to the "C:\Project\Help\MMHWrapper\" and double-click "wordpress.mmh". The viewer will launch and open our WordPress site:

Wordpress site in MajorMindHelpViewer

The viewer allows to communicate with it via Windows messaging system, so you can tell it to open the topic you need, locate a keyword, execute search or switch language. At this moment we provide out-of-the-box solution for Delphi that allows to integrate MajorMindHelpViewer into your desktop Windows app like any other help system supported by Delphi. There's a demo on how to do it inside the integration code package:

The viewer itself is free for commercial use, you can redistribute it along with your application, as long as you use outputs generated by a licensed version of Helpinator.

If you need to integrate context-sensitive help system of MajorMindHelpViewer with another development tool, please drop a line to and we will add it.

We will add more content sources soon, so if you need to use Confluence or Zendesk for context-sensitive help, please contact us too.