I’ve been looking or a product to help publish an internal employee manual for our IT Department. We wanted to publish it as a help file, but also as a PDF because we have found that a paper copy, when given to employees, is more frequently read. I’ve reviewed a few other products and have found the Helpinator to be a much easier to use and more affordable product. It also has features such as Text & Code snippets, pre-built style libraries and step-by-step guides that were not found in the other products. I can see where we could expand this to an on-line help system for the rest of our employees and will probably be my next project. Thanks for creating an awesome product!

Patrick Walker

First, I would like to thanks you for the trial version of Helpinator. It is a really great software. I can make the help files very easily with it.

I am just an ordinary office staff who is in charge of the asset management. And I used the Helpinator to create some help files to teach and train the staffs in my company to use the TPM system.

Helpinator is really great in making help files than other softwares. I tried word, ppt, indesign, but none of them can compare to Helpinator. It is easy to capture the screenshot, make the step by step tutorial, and so on.

Alan Lam

I have used help compilers for over a decade, ranging from Robohelp to Help & Manual and others. Although those are powerful products, my need was for an equally powerful product that was simpler to use that would help me in building documentation for community groups and non-profit organizations with which I am involved. My initial testing of Helpinator showed that this was a quality product and capable of doing far more than I had imagined, including customizable templates, the ability to create output in many formats (even EPUB). and it even works with Wordpress.

The biggest reason I like Helpinator is that it is intuitive, well documented, and easy to use. While I still have much to learn, the ability to easily edit the templates is a valuable feature that lets me experiment with multiple colors and formats quickly and easily. As part of my learning, I was able to quickly import a CHM created with another product and give it a new look. I'm very excited about this product.

David Kirk

Thanks very much for letting me have a chance to use the great tool for creating help documentation. It integrates keywords, glossary, text snippets, code snippets, screenshots and step-by-step Guides, which makes me easy to create customized help files. Meanwhile, the Helpinator provides an very easy way to use and materials were very clear, as the text editor is similar to Mircosoft wor and it doesn’t need me to have any knowledge about HTML editor or others.

Kelvn Ma

I have used the Helpinator tool as a trial download and have found it to be one of the most helpful programs in my arsenal!

I regularly build tools for colleagues to make their jobs easier (VBA widgets, spreadsheet automation etc.), and having the ability to give them a link to a fully featured help file, containing screenshots and bookmarks, has been an absolute godsend. Previously I would provide them with a Word document, which was never an ideal solution, and having used Helpinator I will never go back to doing it that way. Helpinator is the future for me, and I only wish I had discovered it sooner!

Thanks for putting this together – it truly is awesome!

Ben Pentelow