What is it?

MajorMindHelp is an HTML-based help system for context-sensitive help of desktop Windows applications.

Originally conceived as a replacement of outdated Microsoft HTML Help it is now much more capable than that:

Is it free?

You can deploy MajorMindHelpViewer to unlimited number of client PCs if your content was generated using a licensed copy of Helpinator.

How can I connect it with my app written in XXX language?

You can interact with MajorMindHelpViewer using Windows messages, so it can be integrated with almost any application. At this moment we provide out-of-the-box integration with Delphi applications, more to come. You can drop a line to office@majormind.com if you need help with specific integration.

How can I deploy it to client PCs?

We provide the installer package that you can redistribute / include in your own installers.

How can I download it?

Visit "Download" page to get download links.