Helpinator is an integrated documentation development environment with accent on productivity.

Helpinator is a single source tool. You can compile CHM , PDF , RTF , DOCX , WebHelp (Classic and New WebHelp2) , Knowledge Bases, Mobile , GitHub-flavored Markdown , Printed Manuals , EPUB and MOBI ebooks, JavaHelp , OracleHelp , HelpGUI, LeanPub, DocBook, DITA, ASCIIDoc, reStructuredText, MajorMindHelp, LiteHelp and plaintext readme all from single source. You can even create software documentation WordPress themes and publish your online documentation to WordPress !

Helpinator is a WYSIWYG tool. Write content in a friendly environment.

Helpinator is multilingual. You can have as many project languages as you wish. Work with any translation service you wish using "XML Import/Export."

Helpinator has a set of unique features like embeddable step-by-step guides, FAQs and self-checkup quizzes.

Major Mind Software provides MajorMindHelpViewer and LiteHelpViewer free of charge if your content was generated using Helpinator.

There's a features tour on our website: