There are two ways to use images in Helpinator:

  1. Regular images, embedded into topics

  2. Library images, stored in the project's Image Library and referenced from one or more topics.

The first one is similar to other Help Authoring Tools and text processors

The second is far more efficient from the productivity point of view, since all your images are in one place and you don't need to browse through project topics to update them when something changes in your program's UI. Beside that:

  • Image Library allows you to add annotations to images, so you can make more understandable help files.

  • Image library allows you to create "cloned" images. Clones are exact copies of "donors" and update the same moment you update "donor" image. But they have different annotations, so you can create a bunch of images with different annotations from the same screenshot. Once UI changes you only have to update one image and the rest will be updated automatically!

  • Image Library has categories for images, so it is easy to manage a large project with a lot of images in it.

  • You can create "step-by-step guides" from images stores in the image library.