LiteHelp is a lightweight help system created by Major Mind Software as a simple alternative to MajorMindHelp, WebHelp and other highly customizable help systems based on HTML.

It is based on XML, has a limited set of formatting options but has a rich set of embeddable objects supported by Helpinator:

  1. Figures

  2. Step-by-step guides

  3. Code Snippets

  4. Videos

  5. FAQs

  6. Quizzes

LiteHelp format is basically a set of XML files, so there's no vendor lock-in and there are no security risks associated with HTML.

LiteHelpViewer is a viewer app for LiteHelp help system. It is a classic viewer with "Contents", "Index" and "Search" tabs. The executable is portable and self-contained, you can distribute it with your application if your LiteHelp help system was generated with Helpinator.

You can read more about LiteHelp here: