MajorMindHelpViewer is a standalone context-sensitive help system viewer designed for use with help outputs generated in Helpinator. It has the following modes:

  1. MajorMindHelp - in this mode the viewer shows MajorMindHelp help system generated in Helpinator. You can choose to show a local version or the one stored on an HTTP(S) server.

  2. SimpleDocServer - in this mode you can specify an address of a SimpleDocServer server and show it's content as a context-sensitive help.

  3. Free-form HTML mode - allows to show any HTML-based output of Helpinator as a context-sensitive help for your application. For example, you can make a context-sensitive help system out of topics published to Wordpress.

You can use MajorMindHelpViewer to view HTML-based help systems that are published on your website. There are two blog posts covering this:

WordPress for context-sensitive help

Knowledge Base for context-sensitive help