Output Formats

Currently Helpinator supports the following output formats:

  1. MajorMindHelp - our own HTML-based help system

  2. LiteHelp - our own lightweight help system NOT based on HTML

  3. SimpleDocServer

  4. CHM (Microsoft HTML Help)

  5. PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

  6. RTF (Rich Text Format)

  7. DOCX (Word 2010+)

  8. Classic WebHelp (HTML based with navigation and 3 options: with frames, without frames and single page).

  9. WebHelp-JqueryUI (responsive HTML without frames, uses JQuery UI as a UI framework)

  10. WebHelp-Bootstrap (uses Bootstrap as a UI framework)

  11. QtHelp (Qt library native help file format)

  12. JavaHelp (Java native help file format)

  13. EPUB - widespread ebook format

  14. MOBI - Amazon Kindle format.

  15. OracleHelp - help system from Oracle Inc

  16. HelpGUI - a lightweight help system for Java

  17. WordPress CMS

  18. Github Flavoured Markdown (for readme.md of your projects, Github Wiki and Github pages).

  19. Knowledge Base

  20. Mobile Help - JQuery Mobile, touch-friendly output for displaying help on mobiles and tablets, based on JQuery Mobile.

  21. Single Page HTML

  22. LeanPub manuscripts

  23. reStructuredText - for use with the excellent readthedocs.io service

  24. ASCIIDoc - if you want to employ the power of ASCIIDoc/ASCIIDoctor documentation generators.

  25. DITA - established documentation authoring standard with a lot of output formats and tools that support it.

  26. Docbook - another industry standard documentation format.

  27. Old good plain text to create good formatted readme.txt for your projects.