Quizzes in Helpinator are an easy way for your customers to check themselves for what they have learned from your documentation. They are not intended to be used as a teacher control measure.

You can have as many Quizzes as you wish and embed them anywhere in the project, may it be the final topic of the entire doc or chapter ends.

Each quiz question has:

  1. Question text. You can format it as a regular topic, embed images, etc.

  2. Answers. You can select answers numbering mode (letters or numbers), specify answers if they are not given in the question text itself and mark correct answers (there may by more than one).

In case of HTML-based documentation quizzes are interactive and are shown as a form for user to fill. When the user is ready he can click "Check answers" button and internal script will show a message with results (OK or not OK). If not OK, the user should figure out what is wrong, there will be no clues.

In case of printable docs and HTML docs without scripts, quizzes are not interactive, showing only circles (for single-choice answers) and boxes (in case of multipel choice answers) for a user to check with a pen.

You can check the sample quiz or look through a step-by-step guide on how to create and embed quizzes.