What I found exceptional was the integrated glossary, keywords, code snippets and text snippets features which allowed me to create an impressive series of help files in a drastically reduced time frame with minimal effort.

Helpinator is a definite two thumbs-up!


Helpinator does many, many things to help with the production of quality documentation. I’ve been using it in a small team, and we’ve never yet stumbled over each other or not been able to figure out what needs doing next in the project. I’d highly recommend you head on over to http://www.helpinator.com and get your free trial, and see if you find it as powerful, simple, and useful as I have.


Overall, Helpinator is a worthwhile alternative to other web authoring tools, with a number of useful advantages. For anyone considering such a tool, it should be in the shortlist of candidates.


Helpinator is a great tool for creating documentations. The price I think is affordable if you want to create professional documentations. For me the single source publishing is one of the biggest advantages. Before I use Helpinator I was a DocBook user. But DocBook editors and the needed transforming tools for that number of formats are very expensive and you need a lot of knowledge to work with them.