OK, here we go. Everything is ready and we can now see our help file in all it's glory. We are going to compile a LiteHelp help file at this step. LiteHelp is a lightweight portable help system for desktop Windows apps created by Major Mind Software as a replacement for CHM (HTML Help).

Compile LiteHelp.
Compile LiteHelp.

Below is the "Warning" aside, rendered with exclamation icon and yellow background.

Aside in LiteHelp.
"Warning" aside in LiteHelp.

Our step-by-step guide as a slideshow with navigation.

Step-by-step guide in LiteHelp.
Step-by-step guide in LiteHelp.

Glossary terms.

Glossary in LiteHelp.
Glossary in LiteHelp.

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Table of contents:

  1. Intro
  2. Starting a new project
  3. Capturing screenshots
  4. Adding callouts
  5. Writing topics
  6. Creating a tutorial (a step-by step guide)
  7. Compiling a help file