WordPress support in Helpinator

Helpinator allows to publish your content to a website powered by WordPress CMS using it's XML-RPC API. Topics will be published as pages, preserving hierarchy.

To make your life easier we offer several themes and plugins.

  1. Helpinator Quick Publish plugin
  2. WebHelp Theme
  3. Modern Theme

Helpinator Quick Publish plugin

WordPress XML-RPC is pretty slow when you need to publish a lot of content items at once. In fact you can drink a cup of coffee while your project is being published. This plugin extends Wordpress XML-RPC API to speed up publishing of Helpinator projects and also fixes API bug that prevents already published images from being updated.

How to get the plugin?

  1. Open admin dashboard of your WordPress site.
  2. Open "Plugins" section.
  3. Click "Add new".
  4. Enter "Helpinator" into the search field.
  5. Click "Install now" in the "Helpinator Quick Publish" box.
  6. Click "Activate"

How to use it with Helpinator?

Check "WP Site has enabled Helpinator Quick Publish Plugin".

Helpinator quick publish plugin.
Check plugin option in "Publish to WordPress" settings.

Helpinator WebHelp Theme for Online Documentation

A theme that closely resembles WebHelp output generated by Helpinator.

WebHelp WordPress Online Documentation Theme.
WebHelp Theme.

Helpinator Modern Theme for Online Documentation

A theme designed in the way of modern trends in online documentation.

Modern WordPress Online Documentation Theme.
Modern Theme.

How can I download Helpinator themes and plugins for WordPress?

Visit "Download" page to get download links.

Is there a tutorial on using WordPress with Helpinator?

Check out this blog post: "WordPress for online documentation: How to use Helpinator plugin and Wordpress themes".